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Ole Martin Hansen 2012 Norway's Strongest Man

2012 Norway’s Strongest Man – Ole Martin Hansen

Ole Martin Hansen 2012 Norway's Strongest Man. He impressively beat last year's Worlds Strongest Man finalist and Top 10 competitor Norwegian Espen Aune (2011 Norway's Strongest...
Stoyan Todorchev Bulgarian Strongman

Stoyan “The Destroyer” Todorchev – Bulgarian Strongman

Stoyan Todorchev is a BIG Bulgarian Strongman. He made a BIG impact when he first came onto the strongman scene. He has been recovering from...

Stef Mattens – Strongman World Rankings Guru speaks out.

There are many unheralded people behind the sport of strongman around the World. Stef Mattens would have to be in the top 5.   He has...

Training with 2011 Worlds Strongest Man – Brian Shaw (VIDEO)

Video courtesy of Martin Cee - Voice of  Strongman TV (c)
Pall Logason Strongman and Powerlifter

Pall “RAW Strength” Logason – Icelandic Strongman and Powerlifter

Who is PALL LOGASON you may say, but I think that you may continue reading when you realise that he is one of the...