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Shane Jerman

10 Questions with Strongman Shane Jerman – Britain’s Strongest Man Under 80kg

There is an increasing number of lightweight strongman competitors worldwide, and one of the most successful of these is the British Strongman Athlete -...
Johnny Wasiczko - Driving Home

Here Comes Johnny – Under 105kg American Strongman – Johnny Wasiczko

We thought it was about time we touched base with the American Light Heavyweight, Strongman Johnny Wasiczko, and here is the interview.... Phil Burgess:  ...
Eduardo Visciglia - South America's Strongest Man

Eduardo Visciglia – South America’s Strongest Man 2012

It was no surprise to me, to hear that Argentinean Strongman Eduardo Visciglia, currently South America's Strongest Man, was formerly a rugby union player. I...
Yoshiyavsky Noritake - Japanese Strongman

Strongman in Japan -Yoshihito Noritake – Japanese Strongman

Strongman is a global sport, however in some countries it is far more popular than in others. In this short interview we speak with Yoshihito...
Robert Wilkerson - International Powerlifter

14 Questions with Robert Wilkerson – Raw Squat Superstar – International Powerlifter

Robert Wilkerson was a name I came across recently, but upon looking at his powerlifting footage, I realised that he was a colussus. Where Andy...