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Russia’s Princess of the Bench Press – Maryana Naumova

Powerlifter Maryana Naumova is 15 years old at 60kg, bench pressed an amazing 145kg, which is 2.5 x her bodyweight!! Here is the interview we...
Dione Wessels and her good friend Mark Henry

The Queen Bee of American Strongmen – Dione Wessels

In a sport dripping in testosterone, it is perhaps a little surprising that the head of the two largest strongman organisations in the USA...
A novel deadlift idea... with Daniel Gracia

Rock of Gibraltar – Daniel Gracia – Strongman

Daniel Gracia competed in 2012 at his first Strongman Champions League Event , competing against some legends of the sport. Not a bad feat for...
Eben Stone Lift

Eben Le Roux – Australian Strongman Competitor

I met Eben at the 2011 FitX strongman competition in Melbourne, I was impressed by his friendliness and humbleness, a genuine nice guy, who...
Shawna Mendelson - Powerlifter by Day , Bodybuilder by Night

Powerlifter/Bodybuilder Shawna Mendelson – One Powerful Lady.

Shawna Mendelson is not just World Champion Bencher Scot Mendelson's sister. She is much more than this competing at a high level both in her...