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Dan Harrison American Strongman - Deadlifting

American Dan Harrison – The Powerlifter’s Strongman

American Strongman Dan Harrison is a  6 foot 1 inch, 348lb Strength Machine. He is a top strongman who doesn't train the Strongman events much,...
Rauno Heinla - Estonia's Strongest Man 2011 - International Strongman

Rauno Heinla, 2011 Estonia’s Strongest Man – International Strongman

Rauno Heinla is not the biggest strongman competing today, far from it, but he does however possess great strength for his size. We caught up...

FREE Strongman/Strongwoman Mentoring Service

Are you an Established Athlete who is happy to mentor a new person to the sport? Or Are you new to the sport and need someone...

Behind the Scenes of Europe’s Strongest Man 2012 (VIDEO)

video courtesy of Martin Cee, Voice of Strongman TV

The Better Man – Shane Grierson-Jones – Inspirational Husband, Dad and Athlete

For me the sport of strongman is dotted with amazing characters with fascinating stories.  After having a years break from the sport, it is...