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Vince Urbank Strongman - Deadlifting

US Strongman Vince “MachineGun” Urbank – Aiming High..

When I asked a regular reader of Viking Strength for the name of a Strongman who I should definitely interview, I got my answer almost...
Dan Harrison American Strongman - Deadlifting

American Dan Harrison – The Powerlifter’s Strongman

American Strongman Dan Harrison is a  6 foot 1 inch, 348lb Strength Machine. He is a top strongman who doesn't train the Strongman events much,...
Vostan Gevorgyan Armenian Strongman

Strongman in Armenia – VOSTAN GEVORGYAN – Rising Strongman Competitor

Armenia is a country which many people know little about.  Vostan Gevorgyan is a Strongman from Armenia, who is looking to put his country...
Mark Felix 2011 Mighty Mitts Competition

Interview with top British Strongman Mark “The Mighty” Felix

Top British Strongman Mark Felix is 47 years old. Don't tell Mark that he's over the hill, as he truly believes that he is...