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April 2013 – No.3 – Viking Strength Strongman Radio

                                        Viking Strength Strongman Radio is a show all about the sport of strongman. The monthly episodes feature athletes and specialists in the area of strongman to...
Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman - American Strongwoman Champion

Strongwoman Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman 3x America’s Strongest Woman

When I recently interviewed Australian Strongwoman Sue Metcalf, she mentioned to me that I should definitely speak to Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman, who had recently won the title...
Mike Burke Strongman

USA Strongman Mike Burke – Beating the Pain Barrier

 I met strongman Mike Burke at the 2012 Giants Live Event, in Melbourne, Australia. Just shaking the hand of strongman Mike Burke was an awesome...
Didier Michelon - Powerlifting

Bison Blanc – Powerlifter Didier Michelon

Bison Blanc, Didier Michelon has an impressive bench press, especially when you consider he is almost 50 years old. We had this short interview with...
Jarno Jokinen - 2011 Finland's Strongest Man

Jarno Jokinen 2011 Finland’s Strongest Man – International Strongman

For some people success comes quickly. However in the case of Finnish Strongman Jarno Jokinen it took 14 years to achieve his dream of becoming...