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World Strongman Federation 2013 Event Schedule

  April – PROFORM WSF World Cup 1st stage – Tashkent, Uzbekistan April – WSF World Cup 2nd stage – Aktau, Kazakhstan  May - WSF World Cup...
Jeremy Hogg - International Strongman Competitor

Jeremy Hogg – New Zealand Strongman- Out from under the Radar in 2012 !!

Jeremy Hogg Flies under the Radar.  He is one of the best strongman competitors in Australia (originally from New Zealand), but he gets little...
Zack Log Pressing at the 2011 Nationals

American Strongman Champ U105kg Zack McCarley talks frankly about Strongman

Zack MacCarley is the current under 105kg National American Strongman Champion. Whilst that’s impressive in itself, he is also only 23 years old.  We...
Dr Squat Fred Hatfield

Interview with Fred Hatfield (Dr Squat) – Strength Legend

I first came across the strength training articles of Fred Hatfield when I was a teenager reading through various Bodybuilding Magazines.  His articles were...
Jill Mills Strongwoman

“Superwoman” Jill Mills – Former World’s Strongest Woman

I have spoken to many strongwoman competitors, and every time I have asked who the top strongwoman to interview would be, they all say without...