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Dione Wessels and her good friend Mark Henry

The Queen Bee of American Strongmen – Dione Wessels

In a sport dripping in testosterone, it is perhaps a little surprising that the head of the two largest strongman organisations in the USA...

Graham Hicks – Training Countdown to Worlds Strongest Man 2012 (Video)

video courtesy of Voice of Strongman, Martin Cee
Shawna Mendelson - Powerlifter by Day , Bodybuilder by Night

Powerlifter/Bodybuilder Shawna Mendelson – One Powerful Lady.

Shawna Mendelson is not just World Champion Bencher Scot Mendelson's sister. She is much more than this competing at a high level both in her...
Paul Pirjol - International Strongman from Romania

Romania’s Strongest Man – Paul Pirjol – International Strongman

For my next international strongman interview it was a little nostalgic.  Paul Pirjol has won the title of Romania's Paul Pirjol - International Strongman from Romania Strongest...

Strongman Italia Style – Angelo Di Filippo

At Viking Strength we regularly talk to the top names in the sport, however sometimes competitors who may have not yet scaled the summits...