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Jeremy Hogg - International Strongman Competitor

Jeremy Hogg – New Zealand Strongman- Out from under the Radar in 2012 !!

Jeremy Hogg Flies under the Radar.  He is one of the best strongman competitors in Australia (originally from New Zealand), but he gets little...
Patrik Baboumian - German Strongman

Strongman Patrik “Boom Boom” Baboumian – Germany’s Strongest Man

Patrik Baboumian may not be blessed with great height, but when it comes to the Log Lift he can beat many of his taller...
Strongwoman Liesl Schoonrad pulling a plane

The Strength to make a Difference – Liesl Schoonraad – South African Strongwoman

A TV Show on Cerebral Palsy changed the life of South African Strongwoman Liesl Schoonraad. It inspired her to act, and that's exactly what this...
Andrew Gillies - Highland Games / Strongman

The Journey Back – Andrew Gillie – Highland Games competitor

Five years ago Andrew Gillie from Canton in New York State, USA, was a happily married father of two young boys , who loved...

Interview with Colin Bryce – Worlds Strongest Man Commentator and Head Referee

Colin Bryce may not be the first name that comes to your head when you think about the worlds strongest man competition, but as...