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Geoff Capes and Jon Pall

Interview with Geoff Capes – Former World’s Strongest Man (1980’s)

Geoff Capes may not have been the strongest man ever to have competed in a Worlds Strongest Man competition, but as a child growing...
Strongman Frankie Scheun LogLift

Strongman Frankie Scheun – Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Man 2012

Frankie Scheun seems like a nice guy, well as the newly crowned Southern Hemisphere's Strongest Man, Im hardly going to call him otherwise. Joking aside Frankie,...

The 398lb Powerlifting Giant – Sigfus Fossdal – A Year on.

The Powerlifting Giant - A Year on. Over a year ago, I interviewed Powerlifting World Champion Sigfus Fossdal of Iceland for Viking Supplements, and the interview...
Dione Wessels and her good friend Mark Henry

The Queen Bee of American Strongmen – Dione Wessels

In a sport dripping in testosterone, it is perhaps a little surprising that the head of the two largest strongman organisations in the USA...
Shane Jerman

10 Questions with Strongman Shane Jerman – Britain’s Strongest Man Under 80kg

There is an increasing number of lightweight strongman competitors worldwide, and one of the most successful of these is the British Strongman Athlete -...