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Sue Metcalf - Americas Strongest Woman 2011 - The Keg

America’s Strongest Woman 2011- Runner-Up- Sue Metcalf

Since I came across Strong Woman Sue Metcalf a year ago, I have been tracking her progress, and when I heard about her placing...

Russia’s Princess of the Bench Press – Maryana Naumova

Powerlifter Maryana Naumova is 15 years old at 60kg, bench pressed an amazing 145kg, which is 2.5 x her bodyweight!! Here is the interview we...
Wilfred Kebenghe - Squatting 292Kg

Powerlifting in Cameroon, Central Africa – Wilfred Kebenghe

The two words Cameroon and Powerlifting do not seem like they should belong in the same sentence.  Cameroon situated in Central Africa does however...
Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman - American Strongwoman Champion

Strongwoman Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman 3x America’s Strongest Woman

When I recently interviewed Australian Strongwoman Sue Metcalf, she mentioned to me that I should definitely speak to Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman, who had recently won the title...
Espen Aune Strongman - Log Carrying

Norway’s Strongest Man 2011 – Espen Aune – International Strongman

It is always an honour to speak with a top international strongman, and with today's strongman interview it is even more pleasing as he...