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Strongman Stefan Solvi Petursson - Deadlift

Icelandic Strongman – Stefan Solvi Petturson

Stefan Solvi Petursson - Icelandic Strongman In my previous conversations with Sigfus Fossdal, Icelandic Powerlifting Giant, he spoke highly of a fellow Strongman and Icelander...

Russia’s Princess of the Bench Press – Maryana Naumova

Powerlifter Maryana Naumova is 15 years old at 60kg, bench pressed an amazing 145kg, which is 2.5 x her bodyweight!! Here is the interview we...
Eduardo Visciglia - South America's Strongest Man

Eduardo Visciglia – South America’s Strongest Man 2012

It was no surprise to me, to hear that Argentinean Strongman Eduardo Visciglia, currently South America's Strongest Man, was formerly a rugby union player. I...
Elbrus Nigmatullin Russian Strongman

Elbrus Nigmatullin – 3 times Russia’s Strongest Man

Elbrus Nigmatullin is a leading and very popular Russian Strongman. He  is a successful Strongman, University Lecturer, Personal Trainer, Cultural Advocate and Deputy of the...
Mike Burke Strongman

USA Strongman Mike Burke – Beating the Pain Barrier

 I met strongman Mike Burke at the 2012 Giants Live Event, in Melbourne, Australia. Just shaking the hand of strongman Mike Burke was an awesome...