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Super Strong – Kati Luoto – 7 times Finland’s Strongest Woman

Kati Luoto, is 7 times, Finland's Strongest Woman. If that's not impressive enough then her Log Press at 110kg is as good as any Men's...
Dr Squat Fred Hatfield

Interview with Fred Hatfield (Dr Squat) – Strength Legend

I first came across the strength training articles of Fred Hatfield when I was a teenager reading through various Bodybuilding Magazines.  His articles were...
Mike Vrljic Strongman

Australian Strongman Mike “H-Bomb” Vrljic – Prepare For Take Off..

I first met Mike a year ago, as a spectator of the 2011 Strongman Competition at the FitX in Melbourne. The whispers at that time,...
Shane Jerman

10 Questions with Strongman Shane Jerman – Britain’s Strongest Man Under 80kg

There is an increasing number of lightweight strongman competitors worldwide, and one of the most successful of these is the British Strongman Athlete -...