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Event Training with Ashley Smith u105kg UK Strongest Man competitor (VIDEO)

video courtesy of Martin Cee, Voice of Strongman TV
Didier Michelon - Powerlifting

Bison Blanc – Powerlifter Didier Michelon

Bison Blanc, Didier Michelon has an impressive bench press, especially when you consider he is almost 50 years old. We had this short interview with...

The New Force in Polish Strongman – Rafal Kobylarz

After watching Rafal Kobylarz winning the Strongman Champions League event in Latvia, it was time to interview this new force in Polish Strongman. Phil Burgess:...

World’s Strongest Teacher – Dutch Strongman Alex Moonen

Alex Moonen is probably the strongest teacher in the World, and owns a Judo World Championship Bronze Medal.   So if you are a student...