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Powerlifting Father and Son Style – Bill and Zach Gibson (USA)

I was recently contacted by Bill Gibson, who wanted to let me know how proud he was of his son's powerlifting achievements, and on...
2012 European Amateur Strongman Championship

2012 European Amateur Strongman Championship 6th October 2012

  European Amateur Strongman Championship 6 October 2012 Siemens Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania European Amateur Strongman Championship will be one part of the International Sports Festival . The International sports...
Jimmy Laureys " Light Yoke Training" 345kg

5x Belgium’s Strongest Man – Jimmy Laureys – Strongman Crusader

Jimmy Laureys is the current 2012 and 5 times in total - Belgium's Strongest Man. His crusade as you will see is not just to...
2013 Australia's Strongest Man Under 105kg

2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (Under 105kg) Comp Report

The 2013 Australia's Strongest Man (under 105kg) is now complete and the winners have been named, and are probably consuming victory drinks as this...
Pall Logason Strongman and Powerlifter

Pall “RAW Strength” Logason – Icelandic Strongman and Powerlifter

Who is PALL LOGASON you may say, but I think that you may continue reading when you realise that he is one of the...