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The First of the Mohican’s – Finnish Strongman Antti Mourujarvi

The first time I noticed Finish Strongman Antti Mourujarvi was during the Truck Pull World Championships in 2013, he did very well in the...
Adam Scherr Strongman Arnold Amateur Strongman World Champion

Man Mountain Adam Scherr – 2012 Arnold ASC Amateur Strongman Champion

I knew the first time that I saw Strongman Adam Scherr, that he reminded me of someone. It wasn't until I was reading Jack and...
Warrick Brant Deadlifting

Warrick Brant – Australia’s International Strongman

Strongman Warrick Brant I came across Strongman Warrick Brant's name only a few months ago, which was strange considering that he is one of the...
Zack Log Pressing at the 2011 Nationals

American Strongman Champ U105kg Zack McCarley talks frankly about Strongman

Zack MacCarley is the current under 105kg National American Strongman Champion. Whilst that’s impressive in itself, he is also only 23 years old.  We...
Zarol Alfiyan

Teenage Malaysian Strongman Zarol Alfiyan takes on the Strongest Men in SCL Finals

When Strongman Champions League rolls into a country they invite that country's strongest men to compete. So when it came to the Final Strongman Champions...