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Zarol Alfiyan

Teenage Malaysian Strongman Zarol Alfiyan takes on the Strongest Men in SCL Finals

When Strongman Champions League rolls into a country they invite that country's strongest men to compete. So when it came to the Final Strongman Champions...

Graham Hicks – Training Countdown to Worlds Strongest Man 2012 (Video)

video courtesy of Voice of Strongman, Martin Cee
Wilfred Kebenghe - Squatting 292Kg

Powerlifting in Cameroon, Central Africa – Wilfred Kebenghe

The two words Cameroon and Powerlifting do not seem like they should belong in the same sentence.  Cameroon situated in Central Africa does however...

The First of the Mohican’s – Finnish Strongman Antti Mourujarvi

The first time I noticed Finish Strongman Antti Mourujarvi was during the Truck Pull World Championships in 2013, he did very well in the...

2007 World’s Strongest Man Runner-up Poland’s Sebastian Wenta

Sebastian Wenta started off as a thrower but then turned his hand to Strongman. His career highlight was a 2nd place finish in the 2007...