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Chris Rae Strongman`

Chris Rae – Weightlifting Glories and Darker Days – Part 2 of 2

Part 1 of this interview talked about Chris and his new found interest and success in the sport of Strongman in Australia. In Part 2...
Jill Mills Strongwoman

“Superwoman” Jill Mills – Former World’s Strongest Woman

I have spoken to many strongwoman competitors, and every time I have asked who the top strongwoman to interview would be, they all say without...

2015 Arcticman Strongman Tournament – Reindeer Herder’s Holiday..

In Russian Nadym, in celebration of the traditional Day of the reindeer herder, the second time will be held the strongman tournament Arcticman 2015....
Robert Wilkerson - International Powerlifter

14 Questions with Robert Wilkerson – Raw Squat Superstar – International Powerlifter

Robert Wilkerson was a name I came across recently, but upon looking at his powerlifting footage, I realised that he was a colussus. Where Andy...
Robert Oberst Car Deadlift

Big Man, Big Future, Big Heart – US Strongman Robert Oberst

Strongman Robert Oberst from the USA recently won the MetRx Odd Haugen Strength Challenge, in San Jose. As his star seems to be on the...