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Mike Vrljic Strongman

Australian Strongman Mike “H-Bomb” Vrljic – Prepare For Take Off..

I first met Mike a year ago, as a spectator of the 2011 Strongman Competition at the FitX in Melbourne. The whispers at that time,...
2012 European Amateur Strongman Championship

2012 European Amateur Strongman Championship 6th October 2012

  European Amateur Strongman Championship 6 October 2012 Siemens Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania European Amateur Strongman Championship will be one part of the International Sports Festival . The International sports...
Dr Squat Fred Hatfield

Interview with Fred Hatfield (Dr Squat) – Strength Legend

I first came across the strength training articles of Fred Hatfield when I was a teenager reading through various Bodybuilding Magazines.  His articles were...

Eben Le Roux speaks out – Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Man

One of the guys I speak to regularly and greatly respect is Eben Le Roux, the currently Southern Hemisphere's Strongest Man, and Australia's Strongest...