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Wilfred Kebenghe - Squatting 292Kg

Powerlifting in Cameroon, Central Africa – Wilfred Kebenghe

The two words Cameroon and Powerlifting do not seem like they should belong in the same sentence.  Cameroon situated in Central Africa does however...
USA Strongman Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown – From the Bench to the Main Game – Strongman

Strongman Aaron Brown has an incredible Bench Press, pushing out 1 rep max's with over 1000lbs in training. Now this Bench Press addict has become addicted...

Super Strong Kristin Rhodes – 5x America’s Strongest Woman

 As I put together the finishing touches on this interview Kristin Rhodes is competing in the World's Strongest Woman event. She is the favourite for...
Sue "Stone Queen" Metcalf

Interview with Sue "Stone Queen" Metcalf, one strong lady !

I met Sue Metcalf a Strongwoman competitor from Queensland at the FitX Expo in Melbourne this year.  We have spoken several times since and...
Rob Frampton Strongman

Doing Cartwheels – English Strongman Rob Frampton

In most sports when you reach your late 30's your career is over.  However in the case of English Strongman Rob Frampton, last year...