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Warrick Brant Strongman

Strongman Warrick Brant – One Strong Australian..

I came across Strongman Warrick Brant's name only a few months ago, which was strange considering that he is one of the strongest men,...
Strongwoman Liesl Schoonrad pulling a plane

The Strength to make a Difference – Liesl Schoonraad – South African Strongwoman

A TV Show on Cerebral Palsy changed the life of South African Strongwoman Liesl Schoonraad. It inspired her to act, and that's exactly what this...
Gregg Ernst v Jamie Reeves

Taming the Husafelt Stone – Former Canadian Strongman Gregg Ernst

Canadian Strongman Gregg Ernst may not be a name that familiar to today's current crop of top strongmen. However this gentle giant competed in the...

10 Minutes with Icelandic Strongwoman – Lilja Jonsdottir

Recently when I spoke with Gemma Magnusson, she spoke of the determination of the Icelandic Women, so when I heard of an up and...
Espen Aune Strongman - Log Carrying

Norway’s Strongest Man 2011 – Espen Aune – International Strongman

It is always an honour to speak with a top international strongman, and with today's strongman interview it is even more pleasing as he...