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Strongman Richard van der Linden

The Dutch Giant – Richard van der Linden – Strongman

Our tour of the Strongman World, takes us this week to the Netherlands, and to a chat we had with Richard van der Linden,...
On photo - Olexander Lashyn - Ukraine's Strongest Man!

RESULTS – MAS-Wrestling Competition WORLD CUP 1st Stage

Results are in: 1. Victor Kalibabchuk (Russia) 2. Evgeny Sivcev (Russia) 3. Yury Vasilev (Russia) 4. Anatoly Shmirev (Russia) 5. Anatoly Bajushev (Russia) 6. Fedor Fedorov (Russia) 7. Sergey Andejchenko (Russia) 8....
Espen Aune Strongman - Log Carrying

Norway’s Strongest Man 2011 – Espen Aune – International Strongman

It is always an honour to speak with a top international strongman, and with today's strongman interview it is even more pleasing as he...
Dr Squat Fred Hatfield

Interview with Fred Hatfield (Dr Squat) – Strength Legend

I first came across the strength training articles of Fred Hatfield when I was a teenager reading through various Bodybuilding Magazines.  His articles were...
Hollands Got Power Strongman

2013 World Cup Strongman “HOLLAND’S GOT POWER” Competition Report

Over 1000 visitors were present throughout the day on June 10th, 2013 to watch a Battle of Titans, an International World Cup Strongman contest where...