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FREE Strongman/Strongwoman Mentoring Service

Are you an Established Athlete who is happy to mentor a new person to the sport? Or Are you new to the sport and need someone...
Yoshiyavsky Noritake - Japanese Strongman

Strongman in Japan -Yoshihito Noritake – Japanese Strongman

Strongman is a global sport, however in some countries it is far more popular than in others. In this short interview we speak with Yoshihito...
Strongman Mike Jenkins

Mike “Juggernaut” Jenkins – Strongman and 2012 Arnold Strength Classic Winner

Mike Jenkins has raced to the top of the Strongman scene like a Runaway Juggernaut... He recently won his first major competition,the 2012 Arnold Strength...
Jimmy Laureys " Light Yoke Training" 345kg

5x Belgium’s Strongest Man – Jimmy Laureys – Strongman Crusader

Jimmy Laureys is the current 2012 and 5 times in total - Belgium's Strongest Man. His crusade as you will see is not just to...