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Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman - American Strongwoman Champion

Strongwoman Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman 3x America’s Strongest Woman

When I recently interviewed Australian Strongwoman Sue Metcalf, she mentioned to me that I should definitely speak to Kristyn Vytlacil Whisman, who had recently won the title...

Interview with Todd Whiter – 60Kg Strength Athlete.

It could be fair to say that Viking Supplements interviews to-date have always focused on the big strength athletes, however you dont need to...
Jimmy Laureys " Light Yoke Training" 345kg

5x Belgium’s Strongest Man – Jimmy Laureys – Strongman Crusader

Jimmy Laureys is the current 2012 and 5 times in total - Belgium's Strongest Man. His crusade as you will see is not just to...
Didier Michelon - Powerlifting

Bison Blanc – Powerlifter Didier Michelon

Bison Blanc, Didier Michelon has an impressive bench press, especially when you consider he is almost 50 years old. We had this short interview with...

Graham Hicks – Training Countdown to Worlds Strongest Man 2012 (Video)

video courtesy of Voice of Strongman, Martin Cee