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Becki Etchells

Five minutes with 2012 Britain’s Strongest Woman – Becki Etchells

Recently crowned as 2012 Britain's Strongest Woman, Becki Etchells has a big future in this sport. Impressively, to achieve this, she has only been training...
Vostan Gevorgyan Armenian Strongman

Strongman in Armenia – VOSTAN GEVORGYAN – Rising Strongman Competitor

Armenia is a country which many people know little about.  Vostan Gevorgyan is a Strongman from Armenia, who is looking to put his country...
Gregg Ernst v Jamie Reeves

Taming the Husafelt Stone – Former Canadian Strongman Gregg Ernst

Canadian Strongman Gregg Ernst may not be a name that familiar to today's current crop of top strongmen. However this gentle giant competed in the...
Geoff Capes and Jon Pall

Interview with Geoff Capes – Former World’s Strongest Man (1980’s)

Geoff Capes may not have been the strongest man ever to have competed in a Worlds Strongest Man competition, but as a child growing...
Dr Squat Fred Hatfield

Interview with Fred Hatfield (Dr Squat) – Strength Legend

I first came across the strength training articles of Fred Hatfield when I was a teenager reading through various Bodybuilding Magazines.  His articles were...