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Strongman Tarmo Mitt – Five times Estonia’s Strongest Man

Estonian Strongman Tarmo Mitt is the five times holder of the title of Estonia's Strongest Man. We caught up with this strongman, and asked him...
Sue Metcalf - Americas Strongest Woman 2011 - The Keg

America’s Strongest Woman 2011- Runner-Up- Sue Metcalf

Since I came across Strong Woman Sue Metcalf a year ago, I have been tracking her progress, and when I heard about her placing...
Warrick Brant Deadlifting

Warrick Brant – Australia’s International Strongman

Strongman Warrick Brant I came across Strongman Warrick Brant's name only a few months ago, which was strange considering that he is one of the...
Mark Felix 2011 Mighty Mitts Competition

Interview with top British Strongman Mark “The Mighty” Felix

Top British Strongman Mark Felix is 47 years old. Don't tell Mark that he's over the hill, as he truly believes that he is...
Patrik Baboumian - German Strongman

Strongman Patrik “Boom Boom” Baboumian – Germany’s Strongest Man

Patrik Baboumian may not be blessed with great height, but when it comes to the Log Lift he can beat many of his taller...