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Dan Harrison American Strongman - Deadlifting

American Dan Harrison – The Powerlifter’s Strongman

American Strongman Dan Harrison is a  6 foot 1 inch, 348lb Strength Machine. He is a top strongman who doesn't train the Strongman events much,...
Marilia Coutinho - Brazilian Powerlifter - With a great SQUAT.

Techniques to Improve your Squat and Much More by Marilia Coutinho, Brazilian Powerlifter

Marilia Coutinho is a Sports Writer, University Professor, Speaker and Researcher.  She is frequently hired to teach about strength training methods, kinesiological aspects, historical...
Jill Mills Strongwoman

“Superwoman” Jill Mills – Former World’s Strongest Woman

I have spoken to many strongwoman competitors, and every time I have asked who the top strongwoman to interview would be, they all say without...

Event Training with Elite Strongman Terry Hollands (VIDEO)

video courtesy of Martin Cee, Voice of Strongman TV
2013 Australia's Strongest Man Under 105kg

2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (Under 105kg) Comp Report

The 2013 Australia's Strongest Man (under 105kg) is now complete and the winners have been named, and are probably consuming victory drinks as this...