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Super Strong Kristin Rhodes – 5x America’s Strongest Woman

 As I put together the finishing touches on this interview Kristin Rhodes is competing in the World's Strongest Woman event. She is the favourite for...
Nick Maloni -Truck Pull Practice

The Brick – Nick Maloni <105kg Australias Strongest Man 2012

There are Strongmen and then there are Entertainers, Nick Maloni, was a crowd favourite in the 2012 Australia's Strongest Man competition, where this strongman...
Strongman Stefan Solvi Petursson - Deadlift

Icelandic Strongman – Stefan Solvi Petturson

Stefan Solvi Petursson - Icelandic Strongman In my previous conversations with Sigfus Fossdal, Icelandic Powerlifting Giant, he spoke highly of a fellow Strongman and Icelander...
Yoshiyavsky Noritake - Japanese Strongman

Strongman in Japan -Yoshihito Noritake – Japanese Strongman

Strongman is a global sport, however in some countries it is far more popular than in others. In this short interview we speak with Yoshihito...
Vince Urbank Strongman - Deadlifting

US Strongman Vince “MachineGun” Urbank – Aiming High..

When I asked a regular reader of Viking Strength for the name of a Strongman who I should definitely interview, I got my answer almost...