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Mike Vrljic Strongman

Australian Strongman Mike “H-Bomb” Vrljic – Prepare For Take Off..

I first met Mike a year ago, as a spectator of the 2011 Strongman Competition at the FitX in Melbourne. The whispers at that time,...
Holland's Got Power

RESULTS – Holland’s Got Power – World Strongman Federation Competition

Results are in: Richard van der Linden WINS! 1 Richard van der Linden 49 2 Sebastian Davidsson 40 3 Konstantinie Janaskie 32,5 4 Hendrik Ottoson 28 5 David Nijstom 26 6...
nagy akos strongman

Akos Nagy – A name to remember- 2012 Giants Live – Hungary Champion

Akos Nagy may not be a name familiar to many people, but you may well hear it alot more in the future. He has just...
Jordan Steffens Australian Strongman

Jordan Steffens – Australian Strongman – The Future Force

Jordan Steffen's name has been mentioned to me by many Australian Strongman competitors, and it's normally said with "he is the one to watch...
Hollands Got Power Strongman

2013 World Cup Strongman “HOLLAND’S GOT POWER” Competition Report

Over 1000 visitors were present throughout the day on June 10th, 2013 to watch a Battle of Titans, an International World Cup Strongman contest where...