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Cavour (Turin) Strongman Italia Competition Report

RANDAZZO AND PIANIGIANI THREW OFF THEIR OPPONENTS!!! Strongman Italia had great success with the public for its first stage!!!     Cavour (Turin), April 15, 2012. The first Italian...
Icelandic Strongwoman Thora

Iceland’s Strongwoman Þóra Þorsteinsdóttir – A Strong Heart in a Strong Body.

Þóra Þorsteinsdóttir is one of Iceland's Strongest Women, but she is so much more than that. If you have never wanted to visit Iceland before,...

Graham Hicks – Training Countdown to Worlds Strongest Man 2012 (Video)

video courtesy of Voice of Strongman, Martin Cee

Strongman Italia Style – Angelo Di Filippo

At Viking Strength we regularly talk to the top names in the sport, however sometimes competitors who may have not yet scaled the summits...

RESULTS: WSF World Cup Event – Dnepropetrovsk, UKRAINE – 15th July,

OK the results are in: 1. Oleksandr Lashyn (Ukraine) 39.0 2. Viktor Yurchenko (Ukraine) 25.0 3. Ari Gunarsson (Iceland) 22.5 4. Richard van der Linden (Holland) 16.0 5. Alexander...