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Paul Pirjol - International Strongman from Romania

Romania’s Strongest Man – Paul Pirjol – International Strongman

For my next international strongman interview it was a little nostalgic.  Paul Pirjol has won the title of Romania's Paul Pirjol - International Strongman from Romania Strongest...
Derek DeVaughan Strongman

USA Strongman Derek DeVaughan – The Hunt for the Pro-Card..

Derek DeVaughan is rising through the USA Strongman ranks and is working to get his American Strongman Pro-Card this year. We thought it would be...
Tristen O'Brien Strongman

2012 South Africa’s Strongest Man – Tristen O’Brien

Tristen O'Brien was recently crowned 2012 South Africa's Strongest Man. South Africa is a country renowned for the Springboks, the national rugby union team. One...
Strongman Frankie Scheun LogLift

Strongman Frankie Scheun – Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Man 2012

Frankie Scheun seems like a nice guy, well as the newly crowned Southern Hemisphere's Strongest Man, Im hardly going to call him otherwise. Joking aside Frankie,...
Jordan Steffens Australian Strongman

Jordan Steffens – Australian Strongman – The Future Force

Jordan Steffen's name has been mentioned to me by many Australian Strongman competitors, and it's normally said with "he is the one to watch...