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Mike Burke Strongman

USA Strongman Mike Burke – Beating the Pain Barrier

 I met strongman Mike Burke at the 2012 Giants Live Event, in Melbourne, Australia. Just shaking the hand of strongman Mike Burke was an awesome...
USA Strongman Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown – From the Bench to the Main Game – Strongman

Strongman Aaron Brown has an incredible Bench Press, pushing out 1 rep max's with over 1000lbs in training. Now this Bench Press addict has become addicted...
Andrew Cairney 2012 British Champion Powerlifter

Scotland’s Andrew “Weetabix” Cairney – From Exploding Knees to Top Powerlifter

After blitzing the 2012 British Powerlifting Championships, with some great results, we had to speak to Andrew Cairney. In this interview you will get an...
Geoff Capes and Jon Pall

Interview with Geoff Capes – Former World’s Strongest Man (1980’s)

Geoff Capes may not have been the strongest man ever to have competed in a Worlds Strongest Man competition, but as a child growing...