Graham Hicks – Training Countdown to Worlds Strongest Man 2012 (Video)

video courtesy of Voice of Strongman, Martin Cee

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Life begins at 30 – Konstantin Ilin – Ukrainian Strongman

Konstantin Ilin is a former Ukrainian Strongest Man winner in 2009. He also has Strongman Pedigree in qualifying twice for the World's Strongest Man, and...

RESULTS: WSF World Cup Event – Dnepropetrovsk, UKRAINE – 15th July,

OK the results are in: 1. Oleksandr Lashyn (Ukraine) 39.0 2. Viktor Yurchenko (Ukraine) 25.0 3. Ari Gunarsson (Iceland) 22.5 4. Richard van der Linden (Holland) 16.0 5. Alexander...

BIG Squatting Strongman – Portugal’s Sandro Eusebio

It has been said that Sandro Eusebio is possibly the best ever Portuguese Strength Athlete. This is hard to argue, when the man can squat...
Stoyan Todorchev Bulgarian Strongman

Stoyan “The Destroyer” Todorchev – Bulgarian Strongman

Stoyan Todorchev is a BIG Bulgarian Strongman. He made a BIG impact when he first came onto the strongman scene. He has been recovering from...

Training with 2011 Worlds Strongest Man – Brian Shaw (VIDEO)

Video courtesy of Martin Cee - Voice of  Strongman TV (c)