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Kalle Beck, The Green Fingered Strongman – 175lb Athlete

Kalle Beck was 2012 California's Strongest Man, however you may not have heard of him. Kalle is a top ranking 175lb athlete in a weight...

Training with 2011 Worlds Strongest Man – Brian Shaw (VIDEO)

Video courtesy of Martin Cee - Voice of  Strongman TV (c)
Canadian Strongman Scott Cummine

Scott’s 10 year journey – Scott Cummine – Canadian Strongman

It may have taken 10 years but in September 2013, Canadian Strongman Scott Cummine achieved his dream of competing at the  World's Strongest Man...
Gemma Magnusson - Strongwoman - Strong in so many ways.

Strongwoman – Gemma Magnusson – Strong in many ways..

Gemma Magnusson is Britain's greatest strongwoman and one of the best in the world.  I was so tempted to title this article "Don't mess...

Doing it My Way – Matt Vincent – 2012 HG Pro World Champion

Moe Westmoreland, an appropriately named Highland Games competitor in Australia, rang me to say that I MUST interview Matt Vincent. Matt Vincent is arguably the...