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Research Study into Strongman Injuries

Strongman Research – Injury Epidemiology in Strongman Survey -Interview with Paul Winwood.

Last week I came across a strongman survey which New Zealander Paul Winwood has put together for his PhD thesis. I thought it would be...

Andre Englebrecht – Beating Bullies – Episode 3 – Strongheart TV

In this second part of a this interview, we speak to this energetic South African Strength Athlete and former National Judo Representative, about how...

The First of the Mohican’s – Finnish Strongman Antti Mourujarvi

The first time I noticed Finish Strongman Antti Mourujarvi was during the Truck Pull World Championships in 2013, he did very well in the...

World Strongman Federation 2013 Event Schedule

  April – PROFORM WSF World Cup 1st stage – Tashkent, Uzbekistan April – WSF World Cup 2nd stage – Aktau, Kazakhstan  May - WSF World Cup...