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strongman Jarno Hams

Strongman Jarno Hams – 6 times Holland’s Strongest Man

Strongman Jarno Hams has won  Holland's Strongest Man not once but 6 times.... This year he will be aiming to make it 7 times!! We talk...

Eben Le Roux – Foshan City (China) International Strongman Comp

Australian Strongman Eben Le Roux speaks about the "Foshan City" We caught up with Eben Le Roux about 6 months ago but just recently we...

48kgs of Awesome Power – April Shumaker Powerlifter

It is time for the interview pendulum to swing back from the huge strongmen to one of the lightest of strength athletes, top Powerlifter...
Oleksandr Lashyn Raising the Axle

Strongman and Short Sticks – Oleksandr Lashyn – 3x Ukraine’s Strongest Man

Oleksandr Lashyn is a 3 times Ukraine's Strongest Man Champion.................. In this short interview we find out a bit more about this Strongman, who also...