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Italian Strongman Federation

Behind the Scenes – Andrea Legnaioli Vice President – FIS.man (Italian Strongman Federation)

Rather than interview another Strength Athlete, I thought it would be good to speak with Andrea Legnaioli, who is the Vice President of the recently...

Behind the Scenes of Europe’s Strongest Man 2012 (VIDEO)

video courtesy of Martin Cee, Voice of Strongman TV

Moe Westmoreland – Australian Strongman Competitor

You only have to see a few of Moe Westmoreland's photos, to understand that he is one very strong Australia guy.    Here is...

Strongman Tarmo Mitt – Five times Estonia’s Strongest Man

Estonian Strongman Tarmo Mitt is the five times holder of the title of Estonia's Strongest Man. We caught up with this strongman, and asked him...

April 2013 – No.3 – Viking Strength Strongman Radio

                                        Viking Strength Strongman Radio is a show all about the sport of strongman. The monthly episodes feature athletes and specialists in the area of strongman to...