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Loved watching Strength Sports through my early childhood and now I have the privilege of interviewing some of the greatest strength athletes to have graced this planet.

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Gemma Magnusson - Strongwoman - Strong in so many ways.

Strongwoman – Gemma Magnusson – Strong in many ways..

Gemma Magnusson is Britain's greatest strongwoman and one of the best in the world.  I was so tempted to title this article "Don't mess...

48kgs of Awesome Power – April Shumaker Powerlifter

It is time for the interview pendulum to swing back from the huge strongmen to one of the lightest of strength athletes, top Powerlifter...
Vostan Gevorgyan Armenian Strongman

Strongman in Armenia – VOSTAN GEVORGYAN – Rising Strongman Competitor

Armenia is a country which many people know little about.  Vostan Gevorgyan is a Strongman from Armenia, who is looking to put his country...

The Rise of the Georgians – Strongman Konstantine Janashia

Konstantine Janashia is an Exciting Georgian Strongman, who has just started on the International Strongman Circuit. Like many ancient cultures Georgia has a long history...
Gerhard Van Staden -South African Strongman- Car Deadlift for Reps

Gerhard Van Staden – The Lion-hearted Strongman and 2011 South African Strongest Man

Gerhard Van Staden is a man with two great passions, he is an International Strongman competitor but also he is also passionate about protecting...