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Loved watching Strength Sports through my early childhood and now I have the privilege of interviewing some of the greatest strength athletes to have graced this planet.

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Ole Martin Hansen 2012 Norway's Strongest Man

2012 Norway’s Strongest Man – Ole Martin Hansen

Ole Martin Hansen 2012 Norway's Strongest Man. He impressively beat last year's Worlds Strongest Man finalist and Top 10 competitor Norwegian Espen Aune (2011 Norway's Strongest...
Vostan Gevorgyan Armenian Strongman

Strongman in Armenia – VOSTAN GEVORGYAN – Rising Strongman Competitor

Armenia is a country which many people know little about.  Vostan Gevorgyan is a Strongman from Armenia, who is looking to put his country...
Mike Vrljic Strongman

Australian Strongman Mike “H-Bomb” Vrljic – Prepare For Take Off..

I first met Mike a year ago, as a spectator of the 2011 Strongman Competition at the FitX in Melbourne. The whispers at that time,...

So you want to run a strongman competition? 6 lessons learned the hard way.

So you want to run a Strongman Comp?? 6 lessons learned, the hard way… Its great when people step up to the plate, to run...