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Loved watching Strength Sports through my early childhood and now I have the privilege of interviewing some of the greatest strength athletes to have graced this planet.

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Chris Rae – Australian Strongman and Former Gold Medal Weightlifter Part 1 of 2

Chris Rae is a BIG man with a BIG name in Australian Weightlifting, he has recently turned his hand to Strongman competitions with some...

BIG Squatting Strongman – Portugal’s Sandro Eusebio

It has been said that Sandro Eusebio is possibly the best ever Portuguese Strength Athlete. This is hard to argue, when the man can squat...
Jill Mills Strongwoman

“Superwoman” Jill Mills – Former World’s Strongest Woman

I have spoken to many strongwoman competitors, and every time I have asked who the top strongwoman to interview would be, they all say without...
Andy Bolton - International Powerlifting Superstar

10 Questions with Britain’s Andy Bolton – Top International Powerlifter

Andy Bolton is a British Powerlifter, who is one of the strongest guys on this planet. I just had to interview Andy and I was...