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Loved watching Strength Sports through my early childhood and now I have the privilege of interviewing some of the greatest strength athletes to have graced this planet.

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Odd Haugen The Everlasting Strongman

Odd Haugen – The Everlasting Strongman..

Odd Haugen gives hope to all those older strongmen, that you can still compete into your 50's and do extremely well. He is a legend...

Chris Rae – Australian Strongman and Former Gold Medal Weightlifter Part 1 of 2

Chris Rae is a BIG man with a BIG name in Australian Weightlifting, he has recently turned his hand to Strongman competitions with some...
Strongman Mike Jenkins

Mike “Juggernaut” Jenkins – Strongman and 2012 Arnold Strength Classic Winner

Mike Jenkins has raced to the top of the Strongman scene like a Runaway Juggernaut... He recently won his first major competition,the 2012 Arnold Strength...

GIllian McRae – Long Journey to a New Beginning

As I talk to many people involved in the world of strongman/woman, I am always interested in how they became interested in the strength...
Rauno Heinla - Estonia's Strongest Man 2011 - International Strongman

Rauno Heinla, 2011 Estonia’s Strongest Man – International Strongman

Rauno Heinla is not the biggest strongman competing today, far from it, but he does however possess great strength for his size. We caught up...