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About Phil

phil burgessHi,  my name is Phil Burgess and I’m the Managing Director of Viking Strength. I have a passion for being healthy and always striving for my personal best.

I was a rugby player for over 20 years and have been heavily involved in my kids’ sports and little athletics carnivals. My passion for being fit and healthy started when I was a young boy in the UK, watching the World’s Strongest Man competitions on Christmas Day. I was fascinated by the athlete’s strength and determination.

When I moved to Australia in 1999, I was surprised to see the sport was not well known here. As a driven individual, I started a business in 2012 called Viking Strength and organised my first Australian Strong Man competition in October that year on the Central Coast. Since then Viking Strength has managed a number of Strong Man events including:

  • 2013 NSW Strongest Man

  • 2014 NSW Strongest Man

  • 2015 NSW Strongest Man

  • 2016 NSW Strongest Man

  • 2015 Tamworth Country Music’s Strongest Man

  • 2016 Tamworth Country Music’s Strongest Man

  • 2015 Port Macquarie’s Strongest Man

  • 2015 Australasia’s Most Powerful Man

  • 2015 Central Coast’s Strongest Man

I believe you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. The strong men and women are testament to this. They lift and pull incredible weights and achieve amazing personal goals.

About Viking Strength

Viking Strength was formed in 2012 out of a passion to build and provide Strong Man competitions in NSW. Viking Strength has become the voice for Strong Man events across NSW and is the primary organiser of the events.

Viking Strength is associated with the Australian Strong Man Alliance and Arnold Classic Australia, and we work with a range of elite athletes from all over Australia and New Zealand.