WSF World Cup in India – At 50yrs Mark Felix Wins…


12991098_845517412236767_2054421880678873838_nWSF World Cup 2016 – India, Varanasi

From 9 to 11 April, held in India, this was a historical event for the development of World Strongmen Federation, and the sport of Strongman in India.  As the first congress meeting of WSF, it brought together representatives from 20 countries.  It was approved by the new president of the WSF, Pradeep Medhok Baba (India) and Vice President – Kaizzad Capadia, and the development plan has been built.

There was also a  Master class from two Olympic champions in weightlifting – Leonid Taranenko (Belarus) and Dmitry Berestov (Russia)

In the World Cup Event there were 13 athletes representing 12 countries.

12974450_1696352410633066_7692798547317016808_nEvents :

  1. Max-Repetitions Over-head Log Lift (135 Kgs Log)
  2. Arm over arm ( 15m -5 tn)
  3. Truck Loading Medley (5 Meter Distance, 4 Ft Height Truck Bed, 5 odd objects weighing approximately 120-150 kilos – Plough, Anvil, Atlas Stone, Chain & Anchor)
  4. Farmers Walk for distance (135 Kgs per hand)
  5. 20 Meter Bus Pull (16tn)
  6. Hold Car Dead-Lift


1. Mark Felix (England)- 68,5
2. Tarmo Mitt (Estonia)- 59,5
3. Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia)- 53
4. Rolands Gulbis (Latvia)- 50,5
5. Tomasz Kowal (Poland)-48,5
6. Jarek Nowacki (Poland)- 39,5
7. Mathew MacCoy (Ireland)- 39
8. Sergey Trubitsin (Uzbekistan)- 37,5
9. Tim Enersen (Norway)- 33,5
10. Dalius Ziminskas (Lithuania)- 33
11. Vostan Gevorgian (Armenia)- 22,5
12. Sergey Vachinski ( Belarus )- 17
13. Zaki Khan (Malaysia) – 7

Next WSF World Cup planned in Minsk, Belarus on July

12994350_1346401272041830_7711296698423226485_nWorld stick pulling cup:

Indian world cup of stick pulling according to the WSF and World Ethnosport Society (symmetrical grip).


      1. Dalius Ziminskas (Lithuania)
      2. Sergey Trubitsin (Uzbekistan)
      3. Rolands Gulbis (Latvia)


12991054_950457481747544_752464963966979397_nStar Power:

As Special invitees, the following legendary athletes were the Guests of Honour:

      1. Magnus Ver Magnusson (4-Times Worlds Strongest Man):  star Chief Referee
      2. Glenn Ross (Famous World Strongman):  star Referee
      3. Leonid Taranenko (Olympic Champion Weight-Lifter with a yet unbroken 266 kg World record in Clean, also on the IOC)
      4. Dmitry Berestov (Olympic Champion Weight-Lifter)