Strongman Italia Style – Angelo Di Filippo

Angelo Di Filippo Driving to a competition Italian Style.

At Viking Strength we regularly talk to the top names in the sport, however sometimes competitors who may have not yet scaled the summits can be just as interesting to talk to.  Here I spent 10 mins with Italian Strongman Competitor Angelo Di Filippo.

Angelo Di Filippo Driving to a competition Italian Style.
Angelo Di Filippo Driving to a competition Italian Style.

PB: So how did you get involved in the sport of strongman?

Angelo Di Filippo: i am 29 years old…i am an ex weightlifter and hammer thrower…i start train when i was 9 years old with martial arts, and I am a black belt in karate and judo.

I approached the world of weights when I turned 11 years old…..I competed in the Olympic lifts, but I have always loved, since a kid the brute force events… Italy we have a Strongman federation only since 2012,but I was training by simulating tests strongman already long before.

When i was hammer thrower I was among the best athletes in the Italian youth.  Over the years that I competed in Weightlifting, I have always placed among the top 5 best Italian athletes

I really like the strongman, mainly because it favors brute force,and brute force is my main quality.

Angelo lifts 75kg Dumbell
Angelo lifts 75kg Dumbell

PB: So what Weight Division do you compete in?

Angelo Di Filippo: I compete in the under 96kg class.   In italy the weight class is under 96kg and over 96kg…my best results is 4th place in 2012…but i have a problem, most competitions  take place in northern Italy…and unfortunately I am not often able to participate because of the distance from where I live.

PB: So how well known is the sport of strongman to the public in Italy?

Angelo Di Filippo: In recent years it is becoming better known,but unfortunately it is still not as famous as other countries. The current Italian champion in my category is Angelo Iannetta

PB : How do you train for Strongman and what’s your favourite event?

Angelo Di FilippoI work out in different ways,using both the weight lifting exercises and those of strongman.

I particularly like the partial movements, I use alot in my workouts because I think they are very valid to build core strength.

I also like doing grip training and banding….I think the grip is very important for a strongman.

My favorite event is the circus dumbbell for max…. I have a personal record of 75 kg…In italy at this moment this is a very good lift even in the higher weight class.

Angelo Di Filippo Farmers Walk
Angelo Di Filippo Farmers Walk

In Italy we are still early,and it was difficult for us athletes in the early periods also to find the equipment, and we have adapted. Fortunately things are changing, and we too are coming up to par with other countries.  The road is long, but the passion of us Italians is strong…strong like a strongman.