Russia’s Princess of the Bench Press – Maryana Naumova


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Powerlifter Maryana Naumova is 15 years old at 60kg, bench pressed an amazing 145kg, which is 2.5 x her bodyweight!!

Here is the interview we did.



Phil Burgess: How did you get into the sport of powerlifting?

Maryana Naumova: I was so active in my childhood so my mother took me to Aerobic Gymnastics.

When I was 10 years old I went to a Powerlifting competition with my father, he is a powerlifter too. I was very impressed when I saw girls who bench pressed.

The next day I went to the gym with my dad and I did my first workout. After 2 months I won my first competition and bench pressed 40 kg(88lb).

Maryana Naumova powering up the bar.
Maryana Naumova powering up the bar.

Phil Burgess: What do you love the most about being a powerlifter?

Maryana Naumova:  I really love being a powerlifter. Bench press gives me alot of opportunity.

I travel around the world, explore new countries and cultures,meet my fans and friends, talk with my idols who give me many advices how to become better and stronger.

I really like the atmosphere in the competitions. You can show your strength to another athlete.

Phil Burgess: What are your best lifts and what records do you hold?

Maryana Naumova:  Two weeks ago I got a new world record in Poland at the World Raw Championships federation IRP.

I bench pressed without bench shirt 120kg (265lb) easy. At the Olympia 2014 I hold new record with bench shirt 145kg (320lb)

getting ready to bench
getting ready to bench

Phil Burgess: What do your school mates and friends think about you being a powerlifter?

Maryana Naumova: Of course everyone knows who I am in school, but I don`t like when my classmates or teachers talk about me. I don`t want them to feel not comfortable about themselves.

They know about my records and competitions, but at school I try to be a normal teenager. Of course they congratulate me after my victory and I like it.

I always tell where I was and what I did, but also as my classmates do,  I go to my school everyday and do my homework.

Phil Burgess: How often do you train and are there any training theories that you follow?

Maryana Naumova: I have my own program. My talented coach writes it for me and it really works.

I feel it and you can see it.  I go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

I have light,medium and heavy workouts also I do leg day.

After every workout I pump my shoulders,biceps,triceps and my back. I have pain on my back after Aerobic Gymnastics so I always use my gravity boots.

I don`t like boring workouts so I use rubbers,boards and other interesting things for my bench.

My friends Scot Mendelson,Eric Spoto and other strong powerlifters give me advices.

Phil Burgess: What are your goals for the next 24 months?

Maryana Naumova: Of course I`m going to complete. Soon I`ll begin to prepare for the Arnold Classic where I want to show a new record.

I will continue to do social work. I will go to the schools and orphanage to tell children about sport and healthy life.

I hope that I can motivate people to change them life and do good things.

Maryana inspiring the school children
Maryana inspiring the school children

Phil Burgess:  I believe you were supposed to come to GPA worlds in Sydney but couldn’t come, what happened? And where have you travelled already to compete in powerlifting?

Maryana Naumova: I was surprised too. I was preparing for GPA World’s in Sydney but a week before the competition at the Embassy they didn`t give me a Visa. I don`t know the reason.

They don`t tell it, but I think it happened because I was in Donbass (Ukraine). I think that it`s not right because I came to Donbass to support children.

Phil Burgess: What job do you want to do? And what things do you do to relax?

Maryana Naumova: I have alot of time to choose my future job because I`ll study for 2 years more at school.

I want to be a journalist, it’s a really interesting job. You can travel and meet new people.

I don`t want to work at the office it`s so boring. I hope that I will enjoy my work.

So what about relax time.. I don`t have any.

If have free time I prefer to go to the cinema or to the park with my friends.

With my parents we often go to the village and make BBQ.


Maryana between sets
Maryana between sets

Phil Burgess: What advice would you give to other teenagers who want to get involved in powerlifting.

Maryana Naumova: Don`t be afraid. Don`t think that you can’t speak to other people.

If you want something, do it.

Find a good coach, work hard, eat healthy food and sleep enough.

Follow your dreams and you will get it.

If you want to know something you can write me. I will happy to help you.




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