The First of the Mohican’s – Finnish Strongman Antti Mourujarvi

The Iceman Antti
The Iceman Antti
The Iceman Antti

The first time I noticed Finish Strongman Antti Mourujarvi was during the Truck Pull World Championships in 2013, he did very well in the competition but his Mohawk really made him stand out amongst the other competitors.  I thought it would be good to find out more about him, and here is the interview I did with him.

Phil Burgess:  What is your best performance you are the most proud of in your Strongman career and why?

Antti Mourujarvi: My best result is 2nd place in SCL Truck pull world chanpionships 2013 I did not expect too much when i was on my way to that competition,there was so much tough competititors. And it is my first and biggest tittle so far.

Proloc AdPhil Burgess:  What events are your strengths and which events are you focusing on to improve?

Antti Mourujarvi: My strongest events are; front hold,farmers walk,power stairs and arm over arm truck pull.

I have to improve all my overhead pressing. I have begun to train with a weightlifting coach,and I just do more pressing exercises than I normally would.

Phil Burgess:  Scandinavia is home of many Strongmen champions, is it a popular sport with the public there?

Antti Mourujarvi:  The Strongman sport was very popular in 1990’s and 2000’s, after that there havent been so many big stars and it has affected the popularity of the strongman sport.

Phil Burgess:  How frequently do you train, and can you give an example of a training week for you, and leading up to a competition how does that change?

Antti Mourujarvi:  I train 5 times a week.

  • Monday: chest and triceps
  • Tuesday: back
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: overhead presses
  • Friday: legs
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: strongman events

I start to do shorter sets about four weeks before a competition. First two weeks I do reps of three. In the third week I try to do some max lifts and the last week is just light training and stretching.

Antti Atlas Stone
Antti Atlas Stone

Phil Burgess:  What advice would you give to new competitors in the sport of strongman?

Antti Mourujarvi:  For new competitors:

  1. Train hard,be ready to bleed blood,sweat and tears
  2. Set your goals for  the future, and no one can be the best right away. It will take lot of years.
  3. If you have the opportunity to get tips from more experienced strongmen do it.

Phil Burgess:  What was your path into the sport of strongman? Did you do any other sports before?

Antti Mourujarvi:  When I was a young boy I saw strongman competitions on television and I decided to be a strongman too when i grow up.

I started with powerlifting and I lifted  in all the junior series. After that I started to do strongman events. First a little bit and then more and more every year.

Phil Burgess:  You and Eddie Hall have the same hairstyle (a mohawk) do you feel that he copied you (joking)? 

Antti Mourujarvi:  No, I dont think that Eddie copied my style. First time I had a mohawk in competition was about 5 years ago and a full beard became later. In that time I did not know who Eddie Hall was and I think he did not know about me when he cut his mohawk first time. But i have to say it is f*@#@$  great style .

Phil Burgess:  What strongman has given you the most advice in the sport, who do you turn to for advice?

Antti Mourujarvi:  Most advice I have got is from former world’s strongest man Janne Virtanen. He helped me with techniques and told me how I should train when I started in this sport. Nowadays if i need to know something I like to ask Ervin Katona.

Phil Burgess:  Who to you is the best strongman ever and why?

Antti Mourujarvi:  For me it is Big Z. He has had such a long career and he has won everything what is possible so many times. He is the true incarnation of strength.

Antti competing in China
Antti competing in China

Phil Burgess:  When you are not training or competing, what is your occupation and what are your favourite shows on TV?

Antti Mourujarvi:  My occupation is a carpenter as so many other Finnish strongman have been. My number one tv show is definitely Game of Thrones. Otherwise I just watch the news.

Phil Burgess:  Anything else you’d like to share with the readers?

Antti Mourujarvi:  I tore my biceps tendon one year ago. Because of that this season I havent been too good and I have already began to focus on the next season.

 I’ve heard from the big boys talking, to become real strongman you must have torn at least one bicep.