Inder Singh and the 2014 India’s Strongest Man Competition


Inder Deadlift smallI was surprised when I heard that there was a 2014 India’s Strongest Man competition.  Which is a little bit dumb, really when the country has over 1 billion people, but then does China have a China’s Strongest Man competition???

Ok back to the script, the 2014 India’s Strongest Man competition was held recently and I spoke to Inder Singh a 22 year old student who was the runner up at the contest, which was run by the India’s Strongest Man Academy.

Inder came second but weighing 90kg was at least 20kg smaller than the winner of the competition.

Phil Burgess: You recently came 2nd Overall at India’s Strongest Man, is this your best performance, and is this competition new?

Inder Singh: No this is not my best performance because I had a fever on that day.

India’s strongest man competition is new here.

India SM CertPhil Burgess: Can you tell us how many competitors there were and what were the events?

Inder Singh: There were near about 100 competitors who competed in this event.

The events were:

1) 100kg Bench press for reps (Inder got 18)

2) 150kg Deadlift for reps (Inder got 22)

3) 20kg Weight holding on arms.

4) 40kg One arm dumbell press.

5) Loading race with 10 different objects of different weights

Phil Burgess: How did you get involved in the sport of strongman? Did you do any sports before doing strongman?

Inder Singh: I like strongman competitions.  I watched lots of videos on youtube.

Its my GOAL and DREAM to compete in world’s strongest man competition, and win the title of world”s strongest man. I am a professional  Powerlifter and I have won many medals in powerlifting.

Inder SIngh

Phil Burgess: Are there many strongman competitions in India? Is the sport getting more popular? Are there any traditional strongman events in India, like Rock Lifting?

Inder Singh:  We have 2 or 3 events in a year.   This sport is getting popular in India, however we don’t have any traditional strongman events.

Phil Burgess:What challenges have you faced in Strongman?

Inder Singh:  Last year my knee ligaments tore because of heavy squatting, but I didn’t quit.

I work harder and harder for being strong.   When I came to know about India”s strongest man event, I had to compete there and I won overall second place.   Next time I will surely became overall champion.

Phil Burgess: Who has inspired you the most in the world of strongman, and who has helped you in your strongman journey so far?

Inder Singh:  Brian Shaw and Mariusz Pudzianowski inspired me so much.

I watch their videos on youtube. My brother Jot Singh helped me and he is also going to help me for future competitions.

We wish Inder all the best in Strongman, and hope that he can achieve his goal next year of 2015 India’s Strongest Man Overall Champion.

Inder can be contacted by the following details and is interested in competing internationally.