Springfield Rejoices – Ben Simpson 2014 Australia’s Strongest Man


Ben and Log32014 Australia’s Strongest Man title belongs to the ever cheerful 130kg Strongman Ben Simpson.

This 28 year old Personal Trainer and Strength Coach took the title which has been his mission since coming back to the sport 18 months ago.


Phil Burgess:  Tell us about your background how did you get involved in the sport, were you an athlete as a kid?

Ben Simpson: I use to play basketball and rugby union at a high level up until I finished school.

After school I was looking for something to keep me active and became interested in weights training. The more I got into strength training the more I decided I wanted to do something with it.

Bodybuilding never interested me so it narrowed it down to Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, or Strongman.

I always thought of strongman as a much truer display of strength due to the huge variety in event types within the sport rather than just 2 or 3 lifts. So my decision was made!

Phil Burgess:  How does it feel to be crowned Australia’s Strongest Man 2014? and what is the next step for you?

Ben Simpson: Even a week later it’s still surreal.

Although I came into the competition with high expectations, to win the title in my first time competing at ASM still shocked me.

Also, this is the first time the title has ever come to NSW from what I can tell. GO NSW 🙂

Later this year I plan on competing in the NSW State Titles in May. Then, from there I am going to be focusing on Giants Live at the Arnold Classic Melbourne next March.

It’s a big step up to compete against the best in the world, especially at the first ever Australian Arnold Classic. I want to make a real impact there.

Deadlift Time
Deadlift Time

Phil Burgess:  How often do you train and can you give a breakdown of a week’s training?

Ben Simpson: This is the most common split I’ve run over the past year and a half since competing again.

Mon – Deads + back assistance
Tue – Push Press + Press assistance
Wed – Rest
Thur – Squats + leg assistance
Fri – Strict Overhead Press + Press assistance
Sat – Squats + walking events + stones
Sun – Rest

I have modified it slightly the past few months to allow for one extra rest day as I’ve gotten stronger and my body needs more recovery.

I do simple linear progression, nothing fancy but it gets results better than any other method for me. I don’t use bands/chains or anything like that either. Just lift heavy stuff and make it heavier the next week!

Phil Burgess: You compete in the Sydney Strongman Series, can you tell us what this involves?

Ben Simpson: A large part of my success I credit to the Sydney Strongman Series.

It is a 6 competition series run over the year at different venues all around Sydney. Competing regularly over the past year really helped me with my performance at ASM.

The SSS caters for all level of athletes both male and female. If you are looking at getting involved in the sport don’t hesitate, it’s a fantastic supportive environment at the competitions that will only help you becoming a better competing athlete.

Phil Burgess: What’s your favourite event and least favourite event?

Ben Simpson: My favourite events would have to be – Deadlift, Farmers Walk, any loading event (stones/kegs) as well as any carry or throwing events (weight for height etc)

I don’t really have a ‘least’ favourite event as I enjoy them all, I would say my worst event currently though would be my overhead pressing, so either log or axle, but I still love doing them!

Ben enjoying Heavy Metal
Ben enjoying Heavy Metal

Phil Burgess: Who has inspired you the most and who has provided you with the most support in the sport of strongman?

Ben Simpson:  There are so many people to mention here.

Inspiration – Jon Pal Sigmarsson and Svend Karlsen – Viking Power!

Then of course there’s my sponsor support – Chiro & Sports Med Gladesville, and PTC Sydney.

Most importantly though is the people support I receive:

  • Eskie – My lovely partner of over 4 years. She has put up with strongman talk, training and lifestyle for all of it. Comes to all my comps, helps me with event prep and never is afraid to tell me to harden up when needed 🙂 She never gets nervous, but was more nervous for me at ASM than I was for myself. Shows a lot about her character and how much she cares for me.
  • Stuart Coulter – A great mate and my training partner since I started training again 18 months ago. Always there to push me in training as well as organise programs, talk ideas and of course eat with me and cook for me!
  • Mike Jones – Mike gave me hours of his time every week for months leading into ASM for nothing in return and for no reason, other than he believed in me and wanted to help out. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you Mike.
  • Lea (my mum) – Always following everything I do and always cheering for me, would do anything to help me out.
  • Alan and Ros For coming to so many of my comps and having dinner ready for Esk and I soon as I got back from the airport from winning ASM.
  • Nick Wilson – Nick is a client of mine who I started training 2 years ago, since that time he has travelled to watch me in every interstate competition I have done as well as watching my first comp back in Oct 2012 at the central coast. #1 fan and a great friend.

There are so many other people who give me encouragement and support I could go on forever, you all know who you are. Thanks 🙂

Strongman Hide and Seek
Strongman Hide and Seek

Phil Burgess: What would your tips be for someone who wanted to get into the sport?

Ben Simpson: Build your foundations with Deadlifts/Squats/Overhead Presses/Chins/Dips. Make sure you seek someone who knows a lot about to sport to make sure you are doing the basics right before you start on the events training. Once you have a good foundation start to familiarize yourself with the events.

Once you can perform the events safely start competing in leagues like the Sydney Strongman Series to build up experience and meet people within the sport.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on my fan page

Phil Burgess: Tell us about something you are passionate about outside strongman?

Ben Simpson:  Passion outside of strongman? Sorry the question doesn’t make sense to me.

Australia's Strongest Man 2014
Australia’s Strongest Man 2014

Phil Burgess:  Finally how can people contact you if they would like you to put together an online nutritional and training program.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on my fan page