Report – Under 110kg (2013) WSF World Strongman Championship – Dec 20th

110kg World Championship 2013

110kg World Championship 2013

WSF World Strongman Championship U-110 was held in Lvov (Ukraine), Dec,20,2013. This championship was attended by 12 athletes from different countries. Mikhail Vysochanskii (StrongmanRUS team, coach Minaev Alexey) represented Russia.

Also for a World champion’s title fought Vladimir Reksha (UKR), Vitaliy Gerasimov (UKR), Hamza Primov (UZB), Dmitriy Naranov (KAZ), Maris Rozentals (LAT), Krzsysztof Kacnerski (POL), Laslo Biro (HUN), Ryan Shay (IRL), Nagy David (SLV), Velizar Mitov (BUL), Sergey Mirzenko (MOL).

“Tire-flip” was the first event (360 kg/60 sec/7 reps). Mikhail Vysochanskii became the best in this event, his result – 20,88 sec. Vladimir Reksha was on the second place (20,97 sec), and on the third place – David Nagi (21,75 sec).

“Super-Yoke” was the second event (380 kg/60 sec/20 m). Four athletes couldn’t finish, but there were sportsmen, who showed great results. For ex., Vladimir Reksha (14,81 sec) and Mikhail Vysochanskii (15,22 sec). But the greatest result was showed by Maris Rozentals – 10,66 sec!

In the third event – “Log-lift” -athletes had to lift log (start weight – 120 kg) for 30 seconds, weight gradually increased. Vitaliy Gerasimov and Maris Rozent?ls were the leaders here, they lifted 160 kg, dividing the first place. Vysochansky Mikhail, Vladimir Reksha and Laslo Biro (who we would like to mention particularly) lifted for 5 kg less. Laslo Biro is 19 years old, his weight – 97 kg, but he competes on par with the heavier and experienced competitors.

“Farmer’s Walk” was the next event, athletes had to carry on 40 meters with a turn two 150-kilogram bags); Vladimir Reksha was faster than anyone here, his result – 19.16 sec. In second place – Mikhail Vysochanskii with the result of 22.82 seconds, third – Vitaliy Gerasimov (24.65 seconds).

Maris Rozent?ls and Hamza Primov were the best in “Deadlift” (platform with a car, weight 320 kg), they done 16 repetitions each. In third place – Ryan Shay with 15 repetitions.

The final event was ” Dumbbell” (90 kg/90 sec), which actually decided the fate of the gold medal. Vitaliy Gerasimov showed the best result- 9 reps, and right behind him – Vladimir Reksha (8 reps) and Krzysztof Kachnerski (7 reps).

As a result, 60 points in active secured to Vladimir Reksha a title of World champion, Russian Mikhail Vysochanskii became the World vice-champion with the result 56 points, and bronze medal received Maris Rozentals (52.5 points).

(Report courtesy of Vladislav Redkin)

The final results

  • 1. Reksha Vladimir (UKR) – 60 points (won the “Farmer’s walk”)
  • 2. Vysochanskii Mikhail (Russia) (StrongmanRUS-team. Coach Minaev Alexey) – 56 points (won the “Tire flip”)
  • 3. Rozentals Maris (LAT) – 52,5 points (won “Super-Yoke”)
  • 4. Gerasimov Vitaliy (UKR) – 52 points (won “Dumbbell”)
  • 5. Kachnerski Krzsysztof (POL) – 49,5
  • 6. Primov Hamza (UZB) – 44,5
  • 7. Biro Laslo (HUN) – 40,5
  • 8. Nagy David (SLV) – 33,5
  • 9. Ryan Shay (IRL) – 24
  • 10. Mirzenko Sergey (MOL) – 17
  • 11. Naranov Dmitriy – 16
  • 12. Mitov Velizar – 10,5

Hot on the heels of the Under 105kg 2013 United Strongman Strongman World Championships held in Finland, we have the under 110kg 2013 WSF World Strongman Championship held in the Ukraine on the 20th December.

The competitors for this event are as follows:

1. Volodymyr Reksha (UKR)
2. Vitaliy Gerasymov (UKR)
3. Ivan Shatovkin (RUS)
4. Michail Vysochansky (RUS)
5. Vadim Smolyak (MOL)
6. Clark Beck (IRL)
7. Shay Ryan (IRL)
8. Dmitriy Naranov (KAZ)
9. Hamza Primov (UZB)
10. Arturas Urbonavicius (LIT)
11. Maris Rozentals (LAT)
12. Krzsysztof Kacnerski (POL)
13. Vusal Murdanov (AZE)
14. Laslo Biro (HUN)
15. David Nagy (SLV)
16. Velizar Mitov (BUL)


The Events for the competition are:

1. Tyre flip 340 kg – 7 reps (time limit 60 sec.).

2. Log-lift for max (time limit 30 sec.).

3. Farmer’s walk 2x150kg/40m (timelimit 60 sec.).

4. Car lift 340 kg for reps (time limit 60 sec.).

5. Yoke race 380 kg/20m (time limit 60 sec.).

6. Dumbbell 90 kg or 70 kg for reps (time limit 90 sec.).

Head referee – Vasil Virastyuk – World Strongest Man.