2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (Under 105kg) Comp Report

2013 Australia's Strongest Man Under 105kg
2013 Australia's Strongest Man Under 105kg -The Entrance NSW - 9th Nov
2013 Australia's Strongest Man Under 105kg
2013 Australia's Strongest Man Under 105kg -The Entrance NSW - 9th Nov

The 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (under 105kg) is now complete and the winners have been named, and are probably consuming victory drinks as this is typed.  So to keep in tune with them, as I type up each event, I will drink a beer.  (tonight tipple – Coopers Pale Ale)  It works well 6 events and a 6 pack of beers.

Coincidentally this event, was held today on the 4th anniversary of my fathers death.  It was him, who I sat next to as a child, watching World’s Strongest Man, and him who got me involved with weight training at the age of 12.  It was him who taught me that being humble and modest in life and helping others was the way to go. So hosting this event on this anniversary was a special before it even started.

The event was supported by our sponsors, Proloc Collars, Elite Supplements Australia, Star 104.5fm, and Anytime Fitness, who were of immense help in putting on this event.

My final thanks before I get into the competition report goes to all the other people who helped.  Ben Jones, Clive Hutcheons, Jacob Ewens, Barry Dawson, Rhys Hoppe and others.  You are the guys who make the event the flow, and give structure to the comp which would be like jelly without you.  Thanks.

Ok lets get into it.

Event 1 (Beer 1) – 320kg Yoke / 120kg Farmers Walk 20 metres each way

The weather was hot and the sun was beginning to really heat up, and it was time for the first event.  Harry Healy was the first competitor and set the pace at 46 secs.  It was a hard course to walk, as it was undulating and on grass.  The Farmers appeared to cause a few troubles with the grip of several athletes failing them.  The winner for this event was Parmesh Silwa who blitzed it in just over 28 secs.

Event 2 (Beer 2) – Atlas Stone Loading, 100kg/120kg/140kg/160kg/180kg

Not usually the second event in a strongman competition, but always good to throw in a curve ball.  These stones varied in the quality of them with the 160kg stone being very obviously two halves badly fitting together.  This stone caused problems for several of the competitors, however there were still 4 competitors who conquered it, being Scott Murdoch QLD, Harry Healy ACT, Brad Simmons WA and Parmesh Silwa NSW.  Scott was the quickest to lift it and took the points, however the 180kg stone proved impossible for todays competitors.

Event 3 (Beer 3) – 105kg Log Press for reps (1 minute)

This event proved too hard for 3 of the athletes unfortunately being unable to register one rep. However the event really got going when Myles Crane (NSW) managed to punch out 5 reps with 105kg. Several others tried to match Myle but couldnt quite do it, until Parmesh managed to match him with 5 reps.  There was still one more competitor left Scott Murdoch, and he went and out-pressed the two New South Welshman by getting 6 reps out.

Event 4 (Beer 4) – Weight for Height 25kg

This was the event which really shook up the competition ladder.  It was a long event, but it was absorbing for all who were watching.  With this event whilst strength is important, technique is equally so, and this proved the undoing of a few.  Harry Healy took out this event clearing 13ft 6, after never having done it before.    Strangely after winning his first event of the day he told me that he liked this event, strange that.. 🙂  Evan Scott from South Australia a former decathlete was able to get into the top 5 in this event.  Unfortunately for some of the favourites in this comp, this event was their undoing, Parmesh, Liam Okninski and Myles failed to make it past 10 ft 6.

Event 5 – (Beer 5) 250kg Axle Deadlift for Reps

Parmesh knew after the following event he needed to make up some points fast in order to challenge for first place.  He didnt disappoint taking out the event with 12 repetitions. However second place was taken by Brad Simmons who had taken 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, in the previous events which meant that he was at the top of the leaderboard.

Event 6 – (Beer 6..) Power Stairs 5 steps 100kg Keg/ 120kg Rock / 160kg Duck Walk

This event  was one which many of the competitors had never done before, and as such there were many questions before that event.  Myles started the event off by taking up the keg and the rock, however ran out of time with the last implement.  Andrew Hale QLD then managed to get the third implement to the 4th step, one step short.  Scott was the first person to manage to get all 3 implements to the 5th step in the allotted 90 seconds, in fact right on 90 secs exactly.  Brad then managed to complete all 3 , 7 seconds quicker than Scott.  However Parmesh was last up and managed to beat Brad by 6 secs, in 1.17 secs.


So proving that consistency pays, Brad Simmons took out the 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man title  (Under 105kg), recording four 2nds and two  3rds.  Well done to Brad who was also one of the oldest and lightest competitors in the comp.

  • 1st place – Brad Simmons (WA) – 57 pts
  • 2nd place – Scott Murdoch (QLD) – 54pts
  • 3rd place – Parmesh Silwa (NSW) – 53.5pts
  • 4th place – Harry Healy (ACT) – 43pts
  • 5th place – Liam McIntyre (WA) – 40pts
  • 6th place – Myles Crane (NSW) – 31.5pts
  • 7th place – Andrew Hale (QLD) – 26.5pts
  • Equal 8th place – Liam Okninski (VIC) and Aaron Scarborough (VIC) – 25.5pts
  • 10th place – Jack Davey (NSW) – 21.5pts
  • 11th place – Jacob Rasmussen – 11pts
  • 12th place – Evan Scott – 10pts

Well done to everybody who competed..