The Strongman Form Guide – 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (under 105kg)




      The Form Guide by Phil Burgess

This guide is a tongue in cheek and hopefully interesting and funny insight into the competitors for the 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man under 105kg competition, on the 9th November, 2013 at The Entrance, in New South Wales.

Pramesh Silwal

1. Pramesh Silwal (NSW)

One of the favourites for this competition with a real strength pedigree.  There is no doubting the strength of New South Welshman Pramesh, and past performances have shown the strength he holds.  It has been 3 years since his last major competitions, securing 4th spot with the Heavyweights in 2010 Australia’s Strongest Man and he also took the title of 2010 NSW Strongest Man

Has not competed for a while, but will  the man with the nickname Optimus Primus, be able to transform himself into the best 105kg Strongman in the country this year.



Liam Okninski

2. Liam Okninski (VIC)

Coming into this competition in great form is Victorian former Drummer Liam Okninski after competing at the Phillip Island Moto GP, with far heavier athletes.  Promises alot for this competition, and whatever his placing he is guaranteed to provide entertainment to the crowd.

Also known as one of the kindest people with Tattoos in Melbourne, will he be inking 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man (under 105kg) onto his arm in the coming weeks?



Harry Healy

3. Harry Healy (ACT)

One of the youngest athletes in the field representing ACT, this good looking athlete is the envy of the older  competitors in the field.  Will his youth however provide him with enough strength and experience to take the title.  Coming into this comp on the back of a 3rd place finish in the 105kg class at the Australian Strongman Nationals in Queensland, he is in form, but will he still be as competitive in this high calibre field.

Harry is in the Armed Forces, but it will be rather the forces he can put through his arms which could win him this comp.


Andrew Hale

4. Andrew Hale (QLD)

After a couple of scratchings from Queensland, Andrew Hale is coming into this comp with only a handful of competitions under his belt. Whilst not a favourite to take out this title, he will definitely look to surprise his competitors, and should definitely not be written off.

Gave up playing squash to concentrate on competing as a  Strongman, we will see if he made the right choice.



5. Scott Murdoch (QLD)

Another athlete coming into this comp a relative unknown in this weight category.  Making a major step up from competing in the Under 80kg class , he placed 2nd  at the 2012 Amateur Nationals and  8th u/80kg 2013 World Championship.  Being a shorter athlete he should do well with the Log Press, but will have to throw out of his skin to place well in the Weight for Height event.

Will he take the step up in weight divisions in his stride or will it prove to be more of an experience.  No-one can be written off in this competition, and as they say in Ice Skating, “Beware of the Bradburys!”

Jacob Rasmussen

6. Jacob Rasmussen (NSW)

One of the tallest athletes in the competition this Danish-born athlete, has the opposite advantages and disadvantages of Scott Murdoch.  Surprising a few, Jacob made Day 2 of the Under 105kg Strongman Finals in 2012, proving that he had made his mark on this weight division.

Good with the Deadlift and Carrying Events, however  the Log Press with his long arms will prove difficult.

Will this softly spoken Scandinavian be channelling the rage of his Viking ancestors, and shaking the top of the competition ladder, or asleep at the foot of it?


Aaron Scarborough

 7. Aaron Scarborough (VIC)

Coming in fresh to this sport, it is only one year since Aaron left the Rugby paddock to compete as a Strongman.  Already he has competed at the 2013 FITX event and also at the 2013 Grand Prix, and this experience will prove to be very useful in this competition.

He should do well in those events requiring more stamina due to his Rugby background, however the pure strength events may prove far more challenging.

Interestingly it was Liam Okninski who first trained him in the arts of Strongman, so will the apprentice be able to beat the master…

Myles Crane

8. Myles Crane (NSW)

Myles Crane a name which could spawn a million nicknames, and far stronger than his American cousin Niles.  Myles has rode the rollercoaster of Strongman having won the 2012 Amateur Nationals Under 105kg comp, but a few weeks later not making it into the final day of the 2012 Australia’s Strongest Man Under 105kg.  He has also been  a  regular top performer in the Sydney Strongman Series  for the last couple of years.

Competing at the extreme top end of this weight category after shedding some kilos, will Myles avenge his performance last year and take the title back to Seattle, sorry I mean Sydney.


Jack Davey

9. Jack Davey (NSW)

One of the smallest and youngest competitors, under 90kg, this Taekwondo black belt with  a dog  named Thor, will give it everything he has.  At a recent outing in the Sydney Strongman Series, he surprised alot of far heavier competitors with his strength and determination.  With only one competition under his belt he is light on experience but big on determination.

A Chris Lilley look-a-like with a nickname of “Danger”, watch out for this Angry Boy.



Liam McIntyre

10. Liam McIntyre (WA)

Having to pay for the airfare to fly to the opposite side of the country means that Liam is taking this competition seriously.  Liam got into the sport after meeting WA Strongman legend Dan Macri, and now trains with 2013 Western Australia’s Strongest Man Joe McLeod.

Has only competed in two competitions, where he has placed well in WA, but is low on experience compared to some of the older competitors

Known as Teen-wolf due to being young and very hairy, will he scare the rest of the competition, or will he leave at the end howling.

Brad Simmons

11. Brad Simmons (WA)

Another raider from WA, Brad comes with some experience competing in Strongman over there. Having won 2013 Western Australia’s Strongest Man in both the Under 90’s and Under 105 categories, he has tasted success in the sport, after only a year in the sport.

Brad has a Rugby background having played in the top club competition in Sydney for Warringah, and has also turned out regularly for the Australian Combined Forces side.

Being obvious friends with Dora, will Brad be like Swiper The Fox and take the title 2013 Australia’s Strongest Man back to Perth with him?

Evan Scott

12. Evan Scott (SA)

This 32 year old competitor comes highly recommended by the South Australian Strongman Legend Jordan Steffens.  Little is known about this competitor, and in the past he would have been the dark horse in this competition, however thanks to Google there are few dark horses nowadays.

A quick Google search shows that Evan can shot put a 9kg Medicine Ball over the side of a hammer cage.

It remains to be seen what other skills he may have, but coming from the stable of Messrs Steffens should mean that he will be no mug in this competition.

This is my run-down of the competitors in this years competition, and I am salivating at the thought of the match ups on the day.

There will be surprises, there will be shocks, but at the end of the day there can only be one:

2013 Australia’s Strongest Man Under 105kg.