Here Comes Johnny – Under 105kg American Strongman – Johnny Wasiczko

Johnny Wasiczko - Driving Home
Johnny Driving Home.

We thought it was about time we touched base with the American Light Heavyweight, Strongman Johnny Wasiczko, and here is the interview….

Johnny Wasiczko - Driving Home
Johnny Driving Home.

Phil Burgess:   How did you get involved in the sport of strongman?

Johnny Wasiczko:  I got involved in strongman almost as a fluke.

I saw a poster for a NAS contest (North American Strongman) and just showed up and fell in love with the sport.

I started training with the crew hosting the show the LYC and the rest as you say is history…

Phil Burgess: I believe you run a few shows yourself, how easy do you find it switching from athlete mode to promoter mode?

Johnny Wasiczko: When I plan a contest I go the whole 9 yards!

I try and make it the best contest anyone has competed in. I don’t nickel and dime. I try and get a great location, awesome trophies, cool shirts, crowd pleasing events and I always put the athlete first.

Switching from athlete to promoter isn’t that hard it’s only hard in me cause I wish I was competing!!!!

Phil Burgess: You recently competed in the World’s Strongest Man Under 105kg comp in the Ukraine.  How did you go and and what did you learn?

Johnny Wasiczko:  Ukraine was awesome!

It was a dream come true to compete against the best under 105kg athletes in the world, in a great venue with thousands of people cheering for you.

The biggest thing I learned is jet lag is a bitch lol.

Seriously though, the implements were really different and I’m happy I know now the feel of them so I can prepare myself better the next time I’m invited.

Johnny Joke Time:

How do you drown a bodybuilder?

Put a mirror in the bottom of a pool!

Johnny Landscaping

Phil Burgess: Do you classify Strongman as entertainment or as a sport or both?  

Johnny Wasiczko: I classify strongman as a sport and being entertaining on its own its up to the athlete to bring it to the next level and really wow the crowd and try and bring them into the event so they feel like their right next to you

Phil Burgess: Competing in the under 105kg division, what are your goals and what results are you proudest of so far?

Johnny Wasiczko: My goal this year is to win 105kg America’s Strongest Man and then train my ass off to win worlds!

Phil Burgess: Will you look to gain weight and compete in the heavy weights, or are you happy to continue competing in the under 105kg?

Johnny Wasiczko:  I’m very happy competing in the pro 105s right now, but I’ve competed as a heavyweight my whole amateur career so I have no problem competing with the big boys.

It’s just alot harder winning when your 100lbs lighter than the competition, but if the opportunity presented itself I would love to compete in Worlds Strongest Man.  Maybe if all the stars are in line and I trip over a Genie lamp.

Phil Burgess: How does a typical weeks training look?

Johnny Wasiczko: I usually train:

  • Monday – chest, shoulder, tri’s
  • Tuesday – Squats or deads
  • Wednesday – Back, bi’s
  • Friday – Overhead presses
  • Saturday – Events


Johhny in China competing

Phil Burgess: What are your favourite and least favourite events?

Johnny Wasiczko: My favorite event, has to be stones I love them!

However my best event is probably the Husafelt stone for max distance.

My least favorite event is deadlift as it  just takes so much out of my body

Phil Burgess: What do you do when you are not competing?

Johnny Wasiczko:  I own a sports and conditioning center and I’m training champions all day and night.

Phil Burgess:  Final question, who has been your inspiration?

Johnny Wasiczko: My inspiration in life has always been my mother.

She worked hard her whole life to give me the life I had and have.

She’s always  pulled no punches and told me how it was good or bad.

She made me the man I am and I’m the luckiest son in the world because of her.