Strongman in Armenia – VOSTAN GEVORGYAN – Rising Strongman Competitor

Vostan Gevorgyan Armenian Strongman
Vostan winning a MAS Wrestling Event
Vostan Gevorgyan Armenian Strongman
Vostan winning a MAS Wrestling Event

Armenia is a country which many people know little about.  Vostan Gevorgyan is a Strongman from Armenia, who is looking to put his country on the map through the sport of Strongman.

A former national champion in Arm Wrestling he now is training full-time to fulfil his potential in Strongman.


Phil Burgess:  Tell us a little about yourself?

Vostan Gevorgyan: I am 29 years old and 182cm,weighing 133kg.

I am from Armenia-the motherland of great weightlifers.

Phil Burgess: Tell us about how you became involved in Strongman in Armenia?

Vostan Gevorgyan: The president of Armenian strongman federation Mr. Arman Movsisyan asked me to compete in an international strongman competition as he knew my strength in the deadlift,squat, power clean, push press, barbell curl,and my grip power.

I actually missed the first Armenian competition as I trained for the World Arm-wrestling Championship.

So for my first competition I went to Belarus. The weights were twice as heavy as our national Armenian competition.    The competitors were very strong, from different power countries.

One of them was WSM finalist Tarmo Mitt. I competed very well and got a prize place. The president of Armenian federation then announced that I am the top Armenian strongman.

Other competitors also said that I have a talent for the strongman sport.

For the first time in my life, I lifted the Apollons Axle, it was 130kg x 5 times.

Afterwards the president of the Armenian Olympic Committee Mr. Carukyan helped us to obtain professional strongman equipment,  and now I’m training as a strongman.

I have now competed in several international comps WSF World Cup, European championship, Elite grand prix, at a high level alongside stars like Koklyaev, Felix, Radzikowski, Todorchev and other strongmen.

My highest international placings were both 3rd at the Belsina Strongman International Cup and Skania Strongman International Cup.

It is very great to competing at this level.  Some of them I got good places at,but I haven’t yet won any international titles, as the other competitors are more experienced and I am still a beginner.

Objectively I am not so far from other strongmen and many times I am losing in a few reps, seconds or metres.

In future I shall be able to better my competition results as I’m training very hard now with the new strongman equipment.


Phil Burgess: What are your favourite events?

Strongman Vostan Gevorgyan
Vostan Farmers Walking

Vostan Gevorgyan:   My best event is the giant farmer walk,I did it once with 180kg, but for 3-4 metres.

I do the giant dumbbell well (95kg), and I like shield carry,sledge arm over arm, front hold and Hercules hold.

My deadlift is not bad too.

I have had problems with shoulder flexibility and that’s why I have problems with the top part of log pressing, but recently its been going well too.

My best lifts are:

  • squat 310-320kg for 5 reps
  • (raw)bench 225kg for  3reps
  • (raw),deadlift 320 for 4reps
  • (raw),Power snatch 125kg
  • Power  clean 150kg,
  • push press 170-180kg,
  • loglift 145-155kg,
  • log clean 175kg,
  • stones 160-170kg

Phil Burgess: Who have you turned to for coaching in the sport?

Vostan Gevorgyan:  In Armenia there are no coaches of strongman.  I had needed a professional consultation and some of the first strongmen who helped me were Tarmo Mitt, Elbrus Nigmatulin and Lapirov.

I would also like to thank  Miheev(Ukraine), Zolotukhin(Russia) and Mannik(Estonia).

Many strongmen answered my questions on the internet. I want to say thanks to them all, they are all my brothers.

They are Tsukanov, Heinla, Muravlyov, Bliujus, Oreshkin, Plivda, Zageris, Vachinski, and many others.

Without their help it would have been too hard.God bless them all.

Also I want to say thanks to one person,who helped me and the Armenian federation very much.  He is a famous name in the sport of strongman, Vlad Redkin. He started my strongman career.  God bless him too.

Phil Burgess: Tell us about MAS Wrestling?

Vostan MAS Wrestling
Vostan MAS Wrestling

Vostan Gevorgyan:  MAS Wrestling is a hard sport for strongmen.  It’s an event too in many strongman competitions. To train it properly you need to work with a partner.

As I dont have a partner for my level (that is why I have problems with technique) I do deep deadlifts standing on 20cm blocks with 310kg.  I also train my grip,  arm over arm Sled Drag, and sometimes wrestle with two guys.

MAS Wrestler must have 40% skills and 60% athletic talent (strength, endurance, power, speed and flexibility).

The motherland of MAS Wrestling is Yakutia (republic in Russia) and in their schools MAS Wrestling is a physical subject.   Champions of MAS Wrestling are heroes for them, they have very strong MAS Wrestlers.

The best MAS Wrestler of all time is Victor Kalibabchuk from Russia.

Phil Burgess: What are your strongman goals for the future?

Vostan Gevorgyan:  

My goals for the remainder of 2013 and into 2014 is to compete and do well in many international events.

I am training every day like a machine and I want to show what I’m capable of, for myself and my country.

My goals beyond 2013 is to do well in the Arnold Amateur Strongman Championship and finally to qualify for Worlds Strongest Man.  I’m training for that with all my might…

Phil Burgess: Final question tell us about Armenia?

Conans Wheel with Vostan

Vostan Gevorgyan:  Armenia has fantastic natural geography, mountains,rivers,lakes and woods.

Armenia is one of oldest nations in the world and the first nation who officially recognised the Christian faith in AD 301.

Our nation has the warrior spirit as throughout history we battled with enemies for our religion and nationality.

That’s why still Armenians are very hot blood people, and are fiercely protective of their families.

We have very good christian traditions which have seen Armenians through many hard times in their lives.

Finally,  Armenia has a rich culture in science, Yerevan people are very intellectual and polite.