2013 World Cup Strongman “HOLLAND’S GOT POWER” Competition Report

Hollands Got Power Strongman
Competition Poster

Hollands Got Power Strongman
Competition Poster

Over 1000 visitors were present throughout the day on June 10th, 2013 to watch a Battle of Titans, an International World Cup Strongman contest where the competition was very large, where everyone was to each other a risk.

They came from Romania, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Georgia, Ukraine, Denmark, Finland and more places.

The competition was refereed by none other than Holland’s only World’s Strongest Man Ted van der Parre (Theo lung) and of course 110% Be Strong Holland Roy van Forst, both gentlemen ran the competition as we expect of them , straight and no discussions.

However there was also a small injury during the log lifting when the Romanian athlete Lacanu Daniel whilst log lifting 140 kg twisted his  knee and fell with the log landing on his upper body.  The fast action of the organisers and ambulance staff asllowed him to be stabilised, from there he was taken to the hospital and the event was resumed.

We wish the Romanian a speedy recovery.

Referee's hard at work..

There were 5 heavy events.

1) Truck pull with harness with a total weight of 21,000 kilos for 20 metres for time.
2) Yoke 400 kg over a distance of 20 metres for time.
3) 145 kg Farmers walk over 40 metres for time.
4) Overhead Medley, 2 x weighted beer barrels 100 kg, trunk 120 kg, trunk 140 kg for time.
5) Loading Race, 5 Heavy objects had to be loaded onto a truck from 5 metres out.

  • 100 kg Keg
  • 120 kg Round Stone
  • 155 kg Round Stone
  • 170 kg Anvil
  • 190 kg Steel Block 
Truck Pull

You understand that these are very heavy weights which only the best strongmen are capable of lifting.

The young Dutch delegation who had signed up for this contest, deserve more than respect on the way they performed as they were against the strongest of the strongest, and finished in 5th and 6th places.

The winner of the competition was Markus Mannik from Estonia.


Holland’s got Power World Strongman 2013

1. Markus Mannik 42
2. Aleksandr Lashyn 38
3. Konstantine Janashia 37
4. Tarmo Mitt 37
5. Bas van der Molen 35
6 Christiaan Oosterwijk 33
7. Marian Lighean 20
8. Sergui Mirzenco 15
9. Else Lindbladh 13
10. Sergio Fernandez 12

Richard van der Linden also had tears of happiness, before the  competition started, when he received from the hands of his wife Heidi, a large trophy for his commitment as man, athlete, organizer, and a friend.

It was an emotional moment, that everyone could feel, because he still is struggling with a heavy injury and is still recovering, otherwise he would have been the favourite, as he was also the defending champion , winner of the World Cup 2012 Holland’s Got Power.

Thanks must go to the hard work and preparations by the Organizers.

My deep respect for all of them. … because without them all this not realizable, everyone was in place, and everything was worked out down to the studs.


Strongman Contest Report by 110% Be Strong Holland Roy van Forst.

The Competitors